The Occupational Hazards of a Tow Truck Driver

Tow Truck Driver

Everyone knows that roads can be dangerous. Even if adequate facilities are installed and traffic lights are perfectly working, there are still drivers who fail to obey the speed limits and road regulations. There are some drivers who even experience a faulty engine which in turn create chaos and car crashes. This is why tow truck drivers have a very risky job. Day by day, the risks of getting involved in an accident is possible, especially that they deal with heavy incapacitated vehicles and they spend too much time on the road. The only thing that we can do is to be aware of the difficulty of their job and be responsible when encountering a tow truck while driving along the way.

Tow truck drivers navigate disabled vehicles in heavy traffic

Basically, the role of the tow truck driver is to remove the vehicle from its place where it can cause traffic or another accident. They make use of huge and heavy tow trucks to navigate these disabled vehicles. Although easier said than done, doing the towing process takes a lot of skills and experience. Even expert tow truck drivers still face a mishap on the road that is why, we have to be cautious when we encounter them. Motorists and vehicle drivers have to consider that they cannot easily maneuver the vehicle when they tow or drive so, giving them a wider space would benefit them.

Even on worse weather conditions, tow truck drivers are still working

The life of a tow truck driver is not an easy one because they still work even on worse weather conditions. When this happens, it is their protocol to be extra cautious of the slippery roads, blurry side mirrors and strong winds. Any approaching driver should give way to tow truck drivers who are maneuvering their vehicle. This will definitely lessen the risks for accidents and ensure the safety of everyone on the road.

Some tow truck drivers are hit by the passing traffic and also felt exhausted while working

Unfortunately, there are some documented cases of tow truck drivers being hit by the passing traffic. Towing a vehicle takes a lot of time and requires space. If ever you have seen a tow truck vehicle in a busy traffic, drivers have to take note on slowing down and giving the time of this vehicle to pass. These drivers also felt exhausted and stressed, so a little courtesy and consideration will help them do their job well.