Dump Truck Towing Service

Here at Toro Road Runners, we understand the importance of a good and reliable service because we know just how frustrating it can be to be stuck at the side of the road and then have to wait hours on end for someone to help with recovery. Therefore, our work and services are planned and executed with you and your needs in mind first. We are prepared to spring up and aid with any car-related needs you may face. We are available 24/7 so no matter when you need a hand, we shall be there. We are proud to say that we serve 5 different locations within the Bay area, so wherever or whenever you may get stuck, we are here to help. Within our line of work there is the stigma of having to wait for ages for help and that things can or may be made even more stressful, however here at Toro Road Runners we can say with full assurance that having you happy with our services makes us happy, we work efficiently, we arrive promptly, and we work with a team of independently owned and licensed affiliates who shall arrive with high spirits and be ready to help.

Toro Road Runners – Always Ready to Help You!

At Toro Road Runners we pride ourselves in saying that we function under a “customer first” policy, all we do is with you and your needs in mind first. We provide a large range of Heavy Duty Towing Services, including:

Toro Road Runners’ Dump Truck Towing Service  

Toro Road Runners understands the importance of getting stuff done, and completing a job successfully, also when it comes to our Dump Truck Towing services. We understand that when needing Dump truck towing, Garbage truck towing or Tipper truck towing you are being held up in a job yourself, you may be carrying construction material needing to get to the construction site to hit a building deadline, or you are carrying a bulk shipment which also needs to get to its destination as soon as possible, so you need us to respond swiftly and accordingly to make sure that you can jump back up into action as fast as possible. In order to execute our job in aiding you, we use professional towing trucks and work at a matter of speed, however not sacrificing safety. As said above, we work around the clock, 24/7 to make sure that we are always there to help, no matter what time you may be getting held up. We work with people who understand the job down to the most minute detail, and shall execute the role perfectly. The network of people we work with are all highly trained and shall make sure to lessen the stress that the roadside standstill has already caused, by quickly as well as smoothly executing the job.