Expert RV Towing Solutions in Oakland, CA

Transporting an RV or heavy-duty vehicle isn’t easy. It’s not just like driving or towing a standard car or even a van — they’re heavier, they take up more space on the road and they bring extra safety concerns for yourself and other drivers.
That’s why it’s always best to trust the experts to handle it for you.
At Toro Road Runners, our RV towing is the ideal solution for commercial and non-commercial customers across Oakland, CA. You can rely on the team of drivers we work with to follow the proper precautions and the highest standards of safety, from the moment we collect your vehicle until we drop it off.

RV Towing Services

24/7 RV Towing with Fast Responses

Toro Road Runners’ RV towing is just one of the many services we offer. It’s helped countless customers take vacations, undertake construction work and run businesses on schedule.
We know you want expert assistance and service every single time, without delay. That’s why we operate 24/7 in Oakland: just reach out and call us anytime to organize your RV towing, whether you need it urgently or in the near future.
Each of our dependable affiliates is well-versed in working across Oakland, CA — and that means you can expect fast responses and efficient delivery to keep your plans on track. The licensed drivers we work with only use high-performing, professional towing trucks capable of handling your vehicle’s size and weight.

Cost-effective RV Towing from Toro Road Runners

Toro Road Runners’ RV towing is available at highly-competitive rates suited to customers on all budgets.

Enjoy real peace of mind knowing exactly how much you can expect to pay when the job’s done. You’ll get a fair, honest estimate — there are no hidden fees to worry about.

Call Now for RV Towing in Oakland, CA

Have a motor home you want to transport for work or recreation purposes?
Planning a school trip but need a bus delivered to your site?
Have a garbage company to run but need another truck in your fleet?
Don’t worry — whatever the situation, we’re here to help. So just pick up the phone and call Toro Road Runners now for reliable RV towing!

We additionally deliver a wide range of heavy-duty towing solutions. Among our Services: