Tow Dolly Services in the East Bay

Getting your car towed is never fun, but it doesn’t have to be super expensive. Sure, many companies will tell you that you should always get a flatbed tow because it’s better for your vehicle and it’s more secure. But the truth is, that’s just their way of scaring you into choosing a more expensive service. In actuality, if the company you hire to tow your vehicle is a professional company that actually knows what it’s doing and has high-quality equipment and experience, there’s no reason why you should need to pay more than a tow dolly. We at Toro Road Runners offer professional quality tow dolly services in the East Bay, including San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland. Wherever you are in the East Bay area, if you need towing or roadside assistance – and especially if you need an affordable, high-quality tow dolly service – call us here at Toro Road Runners.

Safe and Affordable Towing Solutions

Tow dolly services may seem like they’re less safe and secure because two of the wheels of your vehicle are still on the ground. But here’s how it works. The two wheels that are attached to the dolly are aligned carefully so that they are perfectly straight. They are well secured and attached to the dolly so that there’s no risk of detachment. Because they are so well aligned, there is no risk of damage to the axle or to the back wheels. Your car will simply be towed along with the tow truck, and no damage will be incurred. This is a much more affordable procedure than flatbed towing, which takes extra care and security necessities and is more expensive to transport. However, if you feel more comfortable paying for flatbed towing, we also offer that readily here at Toro Road Runners. Additionally, we offer other kinds of towing and roadside assistance such as emergency locksmith services, car battery jump start, gas delivery, and the like.

We provide tow dolly services as well as towing and roadside assistance services to all East Bay residents, no matter what they drive. We serve the entire area and all car brands, motorcycles, and trucks. Our company is insured, licensed, and BBB accredited for your needs. We’re open for your call 24/7, so pick up the phone the next time you need a tow and we’ll be there right away to help you out with tow dolly services in the East Bay.