Towing Prices - Toro Road Runners

To avoid confusion when it comes to how our services actually cost, everything included, we’ve added a prices page here so all our customers would see the actual breakdown of a towing service.

How Much Should a Tow Cost?


 The price of your towing service mainly depends on the type of service you need and the payment for the service call. After that, the actual cost of the towing service is broken down into the following: the distance covered by the towing, your exact location, or where the car will be picked up, the time you’ll have your car towed the type of towing service, the type of car you have (depends on the size—whether you have a sedan, sub-compact, SUV, motorcycle, or truck, among others).


$85 Service call (drive to).
Labor $35 to $55
if need replace the battery  – add the cost of the battery $150 up to $550


Hookup $85
local tow (up to 5 miles) $75
After the 5 miles add $10 per mile
Special equipment – $95
Freeway tow $195 (first 5 miles)
After the 5 miles add $10 per mile

Storage $75 per day

Explains Total Service Costs

The cost of a typical local tow (that covers about 5 miles) usually ranges from $55-$85. Of course, you could expect much higher prices for long distance tows.

Common roadside assistance services like a car lockout service, a flat tire change, and jumpstarting your car battery usually cost $35-$85, dependent on the type of lock your car has, how big the tire is (or how many tires need changing), and what type of battery you have.