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Customers’ Testimonials

“A few weeks back I was supposed to go to a job interview. I planned to take my son to my parents’ house first and then hit the road. We got into the car, all ready and eager to go but it wouldn’t start. Needless to say I couldn’t believe this was happening to me before a job interview! Lucky for me, I had Toro Road Runners’s number. I explained the situation to the kind call center representative and she sent Danny who jumpstarted my car and got it running in no time!”

Madelyn R. , 02/27/14,  San Francisco

“Getting involved in a car crash can shake you up. That’s what happened to me a few months ago as I was driving to pick up my wife from work. Luckily enough I didn’t get hurt but… my car was damaged and needed repair. I called Toro Road Runners to tow my car to the auto shop. The service was efficient and the price was reasonable, hopefully I won’t need their services again but I if I ever do, they will be my first choice!”

Nathan S., 09/06/14,  San Ramon

“I drive a truck for about 9 years now and never got stuck, well, I guess you know what they say: “There’s a first time for everything”! I learnt that the hard way in the middle of nowhere at 2 am. My friend told me a while back how Toro Road Runners helped him out when he got stuck with his truck. So I gave them a call and they got on site in no time and towed my truck to my mechanic. It sure was a pleasure getting a quick and professional response.”

Ted H., 03/18/13,  Newark

“My gas gauge didn’t work properly. Naturally, I found out about it when my car suddenly stopped en route to an important business meeting. I called Toro Road Runners, they found what was wrong, filled up my tank, and I made it to my meeting!”

Salina T., 12/15/13,  Oakland

“I have just finished buying groceries. I went to my car, tried opening the trunk, but it wouldn’t budge! I didn’t know what to do. My son found Toro Road Runners’s number online and we called them. They were quick to send a mechanic who fixed it in a few minutes!”

Rose W., 05/04/14,  Richmond