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Driving a car or truck with another set of wheels attached to it is a bit challenging than driving the vehicle by itself. There are several things to keep in mind because an improper trailer set-up can make the towing process bumpy and uncomfortable. This can also shift or damage the vehicle you are towing, which could result in serious accidents. So to avoid any potential downside, it is best to remember these tips before attempting to pull a vehicle.

  • Proper tongue weight and load check

Before towing a vehicle, it is essential to set the tongue weight to ten to fifteen percent of the total weight of the trailer. Doing this is for food stability. Thus, make sure that you use the proper tongue weight before anything else. Aside from that, do not also forget to perform a load check from time to time. No matter how you keep the ropes tight for the load, they will loosen up eventually as the suspension jiggles. Stop after ten miles, check the weight, and retighten it.

  • Check the tire pressure and inspect thoroughly

Never tow a vehicle without checking the tire pressure. If tires run cooler, it will consume less gas and will make you save a lot. However, if one of the tires is noticeably hotter, you are in trouble. Take time to pull over to check the tire, brake drum, and wheel-bearing temperatures. You do not need a non-contact infrared thermometer gun to do it. With just the palm of your hand, you will know if the tire pressure and wheel bearing are not okay.

Moreover, do not miss to check the safety chains or trailer harness you place under the hitch. Be sure that these chains are still connected so you will not encounter an accident along the way. Inspect the nut, hitch pin, and its hairpin if these are still holding the drawbar.

  • Assess the brakes and the bearing life

As you begin your tow trip, check if the brakes are functioning correctly by sliding the brake controller level for more than an inch or so. It is important to feel the trailer brake actuate. When it comes to your trailer bearings, be sure to pack it with the most effective synthetic wheel-bearing grease. You can do this annually or whenever there is a need to do so.

  • Bring the necessary tools for car repair

Whenever you are about to tow a vehicle, always have the tools and equipment for repair in case anything goes wrong with your truck. Bring in some extra tires, battery, cones, and other car essentials. Never forget to have your license and car insurance ready, as well as a contact number for prospective towing companies that you can seek help. Towing is a risky process and can put your life and your vehicle in danger. If you are not prepared for any unexpected damages or accidents, you might not be able to reach your desired destination. Have everything ready and do not start a towing process without an incomplete gear.

The Occupational Hazards of a Tow Truck Driver Wed, 06 Jan 2016 09:19:32 +0000 Read more]]> The Occupational Hazards of a Tow Truck Driver

Tow Truck Driver

Everyone knows that roads can be dangerous. Even if adequate facilities are installed and traffic lights are perfectly working, there are still drivers who fail to obey the speed limits and road regulations. There are some drivers who even experience a faulty engine which in turn create chaos and car crashes. This is why, tow truck drivers have a very risky job. Day by day, the risks of getting involved into an accident is possible, especially that they deal with heavy incapacitated vehicles and they spend too much time on the road. The only thing that we can do is to be aware on the difficulty of their job and be responsible when encountering a tow truck while driving along the way.

Tow truck drivers navigate disabled vehicles in heavy traffic

Basically, the role of the tow truck driver is to remove the vehicle from its place where it can cause traffic or another accident. They make use of huge and heavy tow trucks to navigate these disabled vehicles. Although easier said than done, doing the towing process takes a lot of skills and experience. Even expert tow truck drivers still face a mishap on the road that is why, we have to be cautious when we encounter them. Motorists and vehicle drivers have to consider that they cannot easily maneuver the vehicle when they tow or drive so, giving them a wider space would benefit them.

Even on worse weather conditions, tow truck drivers are still working

The life of a tow truck driver is not an easy one because they still work even on worse weather conditions. When this happens, it is their protocol to be extra cautious of the slippery roads, blurry side mirrors and strong winds. Any approaching driver should give way to tow truck drivers who are maneuvering their vehicle. This will definitely lessen the risks for accidents and ensure the safety of everyone on the road.

Some tow truck drivers are hit by the passing traffic and also felt exhausted while working

Unfortunately, there are some documented cases of tow truck drivers being hit by the passing traffic. Towing a vehicle takes a lot of time and requires space. If ever you have seen a tow truck vehicle in a busy traffic, drivers have to take note on slowing down and giving time of this vehicle to pass. These drivers also felt exhausted and stressed, so a little courtesy and consideration will help them do their job well.

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What Not To Say To A Car Dealer

 If you’re looking to buy a new car from a car dealer (or a used one from a used car lot, for that matter) you may be feeling a bit apprehensive. It is common knowledge that it is possible to get better deals if you negotiate well with the dealer and you obviously want to be the one who gets the best deal possible. In this blog post we’ll tell you what type of info you should not reveal in order to allow you to keep the upper hand.

Do Not Mention Monthly Payments

Perhaps the most important thing to avoid saying is to raise the subject of monthly payments before the final price is fixed. If you start talking about monthly payments too soon the dealer will be able to confuse you with phrases like “I can get you into this car of your dreams for only 200$ a month” but you end up not sure how many months you’re talking about and so ultimately will end up paying a rather high price for a car you could have gotten for less.

Do Not Reveal You’re Interested In Trading In Your Old Car

You should not tell the car dealer your interested in a trade in kind of deal because then the dealer will offer you an excellent price for your old car just to reel you in. Since you’ll be dazzled by the sum they offer you for your old car you won’t notice that the sale price is higher that it could be. What you should do is check out how much you can get for your old car if you sell it yourself, negotiate the best price you can for the new car and then ask to trade in your old car for how much you know that it’s worth.

Do Not Say You Intend To Pay Cash

If you happen to have enough money to buy the car without needing any kind of financing plan do not let the dealer know this is what you intend to do. Car dealers make money on finance plans so as long as they think you’ll want one they will be more inclined to offer you a better buying price.

In summation, come prepared, know how much the kind of car you want costs (get quotes from several dealers), how much you can get for your old car, if you’re approved for a car loan etc. With all the info at hand concentrate on negotiating the final price before starting on trading in options and how you’re going to pay.

What to Ask a Towing Company When Ordering a Service Thu, 17 Sep 2015 12:11:30 +0000 Read more]]> What to Ask a Towing Company When Ordering a Service

Finding the right towing company can be challenging. Most companies have the same services, which makes it more difficult to distinguish the best among the rest. So to guide you in choosing the right towing company, it is important to ask these important questions in order to safeguard your vehicle and give you a peace of mind.

  1. What types of vehicles does the company tow?

Not all towing companies are capable of towing your vehicle from a designated area. Some of them are not equipped with the right tools and people, so to make sure that you are selecting the right company, better ask the types of vehicles they can tow. Provide the specific details of your vehicle and see how the company can help you.

  1. Is the towing company licensed to operate their business in your area?

There are a lot of towing companies that you can approach in San Jose, San Francisco and Oakland areas. If you want to secure yourself and your vehicle, it is important to check the company’s credibility or license to operate. Ask them if they are registered so you have someone to go to in case something happens to your vehicle.

  1. How trained is the company’s staff?

Two truck drivers play an important role. They have to be well-trained to tow the vehicle without causing damages or accidents along the way. In case your vehicle needs to be towed, better ask the staff if they are licensed, bonded and insured.

  1. How long does it take for the towing company to arrive?

Car owners often avail towing services for emergency reasons. It is better to ask the preferred towing company as to how long they arrive on the specified location, so that you will not impede the road traffic or be late with your appointments.

  1. What are the services that the company provides?

Every vehicle owner has different needs. If your car is in trouble, you have to ask the services of the towing company you would like to approach. Let them know if they can provide the services you need. If they are not able to fix the engine or replace the tires, better seek another company.

  1. How much will it cost you to avail the company’s towing services?

Of course, it is necessary to ask the price of the towing services you want to avail. Never call a company if you have no idea how much you are going to pay. To seek cost-effective services, have a list of the towing companies in your area and compare their prices. Always check whether they have additional fees.